Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Summer turned out to be far more involved this year, I do apologize for being away for so long. There has been lots of crafting, though. Some sewing of curtains, plenty of dinner parties, a tea party, and a few more bits accomplished on the Fairies house. (much annoyed mutterings there, I can tell you. They are much displeased with the contractor at this point.) Two skirts made- and a few being planned as we speak:

Green seems so cool and light right about now. I like floaty, elastic waisted A-line skirts for hot summers, but the green and blue paisley might look better as a fitted pencil,. We will have to see how many I get done before school starts.The summer was mild all through July, but August is proving to be difficult to handle. Hot, muggy, dry, long- it's all there. I can see the Autumn leaves starting to turn though, and the morning light is beginning to turn that golden, brassy light colour that heralds the coming of pumpkin weather... Fall is coming. Hopefully bringing some cooler weather in her bags. And so, I must turn my attention back to house buidling, for the fairies need somewhere warm to sleep, and mantles to hang their stockings for Santa to find. I just know they are up to trouble. Two just went by, heads bent together deep in discussion. Something about "eight tiny reindeer...ya think they are small enough to fit in the stable?"

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  1. The twilight of fall rapidly approaches and I long for the magic of cider, pumpkins, and stews. I hope the faeries appreciate the real estate you are building for their winter retreat. Just don't let them light anything in the fireplace. My instincts tell me that won't end well.