Monday, March 3, 2014

March 3, 2014: Enter Spring!

Letters from the editor:

March, 2014 has certainly come in like a lion this year! The weekend started with a ferocious rain storm- lots of wind, lashing rain, cloudy skies, dark afternoons- it was wonderful! Coupled with a lovely morning of library book sales, second hand book stores, a light lunch at our favorite organic spot, and a whole afternoon of puttering, cooking, and cleaning, it was a glorious beginning to this last month of winter, the prelude to Spring.

The Vernal Equinox hits around March 20th this year, on a Thursday no less! However, it feels as if Ostara has come early in my part of the world, with warm days, no rain and the flowers, trees and even the birds convinced it’s Spring already! I’ll be glad for the time change this Sunday- Daylight Savings hits this month, and not a moment too soon. It’s also St. Patrick’s Day in a few weeks, so I’ve planned a menu of Irish favorites to share with you.

I’ll be crafting a breath of fresh air this month with some new linens, and the garden will be spruced up after the latest rainstorm, with possibly a few new additions out there as well. A sightseeing trip to an old neighborhood favorite; a bit of an in-depth look at my favorite springtime faeries; and a little redecorating/reorganizing of a few spaces will round out the goings-on in this space, with the month finished out by the next “chapter” in my little story experiment. I am quite enjoying this new format- it’s been flowing along nicely, and I’ve found it a lot easier to sit down and actually write for a change. Thank you for joining me here, at the Magickwyrds Journal- I look forward to your comments, suggestions and opinions!

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