Monday, February 3, 2014

February 3rd, 2014

Letters from the editor:

So- how do you like it? This is such a delicious new look for the old blog, don’t you think? I needed something to inspire me, something to entice me to spend some more time in this space. It had gotten a little hard to come up with posts this last year- my postings had been a bit too sporadic for my peace of mind. I really enjoyed my writing project at the beginning of last year, and wanted to do something similar this time around- but what to do? I like to play with newsletters for my personal enjoyment, printing up Menus and Programs for my little events at home, so naturally my thoughts turned to ideas of Columns and Articles as a welcome change for blog post ideas this year! It has reinvigorated my zeal for this project of mine- which started out as a lark one June afternoon, and has turned into a 4 year odyssey of challenges,accomplishments, soul searching, projects- and not a few musings and lists!

Through it all the appearance of the blog hasn’t changed but a very little, so I do hope the new theme isn’t too jarring- I wanted something Light and Refreshing, Bright, Open and Airy. I quite like it. It gives me a sense of a quiet, empty page- just waiting for thoughts, nonjudgmental and curious- like an eager, kind friend waiting to hear the latest from the Magickwyrds Journal.

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