Tuesday, February 18, 2014

An early Spring Garden

The skies are finally opening up and the garden is getting some much needed rain. The sun is starting to peek out and the Geraniums and Lavenders are getting a much needed bit of sun. The garden got a much needed cleanup this month, scrubbed and trimmed and polished up. After a winter full of rushing about it gets a bit untidy out there, doesn’t it? It’s a fairyland of pinks, purples and all shades of green, with a pop or two of orange and red. I’ve finally given the Pink Rose a home of her very own, and decided to part company with my Red. It’s a very small space for a garden, and I’m starting to have to thin out some plants, and trim down the ones that are staying. The Camellia is being given a trial period after getting a trim and a whole new pot of soil. Hopefully she’ll decide to bloom this spring. The herbs have a new home- they’re all together in a low window planter, which I like much better as they can be layered up in front of the larger boxes I brought in for the Lavenders.

I did get a new Dill this time around, and placed it outside, but it’s not doing so well out in the garden so I’m thinking of bringing it inside to live with the Chives and Parsley I picked up this last weekend.  I’ve missed having a little herb garden in the kitchen- the tiny window is the perfect spot for them to bathe in the early morning sun and fresh air keeps the bugs away. I had one when we first moved here but it’s since migrated to the balcony garden, which has been slowly turning from lovely and fun to overgrown, scraggly, and a bit of a pain- I can’t ever seem to find any Thyme or Sage right when I need it for cooking, and they just don’t like it out there anymore and sit sulking all year. So this is what I did:

blog kitchen garden 2014

I took a pretty little basket and lined the bottom inside with foil (for now- I might just make it permanent and line it with thick plastic) and just placed the plants in their plastic pots in it- easy-peasy! There’s English Thyme, and Parsley, Golden Sage, Chives, and two pretty little pops of colourful Ranunculus. So pretty, easy, and fast! It makes the whole kitchen smell like a spring meadow, all I do is snip-snip and dinner’s delicious!

It also doesn’t hurt that the Faerie’s are now competing to see who is the best gardener- I haven’t had to lift a finger all weekend!

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