Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer’s coming…

It’s just around the corner- can you feel it? We certainly can…heat spells, dry skin, brown hills, sleepy cats. Time to start making lists and gathering supplies:

  • Summer menu planning- vegetables, grilling, sides and snack ideas; lunchtime for two (instead of one- it takes planning and a bit of creativity to avoid the lunchtime slump!) and lots of picnics outside.
  • Redecorating- lightening it up, storing away the fall/winter things, pulling together a beachy inspired look (or a summer-camp feel: stripes and cots, enamel and folding chairs anyone?)
  • The summer itinerary- daytrips, local sightseeing, thrifting expeditions, hiking plans, maybe a new restaurant or two. Summer movies, our birthdays, a trip to the beach (definitely missed that last year), the county fair…
  • A new daily schedule- time for my work (sewing projects, quilting, blogging, a new Faery Tale perhaps?), his work (new class prep for the Fall semester, website design, gaming research, bike tinkering, and working on his book), household chores, new hobbies to try out, reschedule the daily exercise (early morning or late afternoon is better in the coming heat).
  • Time to make the summer reading and movie lists- libraries (public and county are really good here for books and movies both), used book stores, thrift stores, hobby stores, and our own bookshelves (I love to reread certain series every year)- not to mention all the summer movies about to explode on the scene.

I’m really looking forward to Summer- such a fun time of year! So much to do and see, it’s great to get a headstart on the fun by doing a little daydreaming and planning prepwork.

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  1. Good luck with the planning. I hope you have a wonderful summer!