Monday, March 18, 2013

And now for something completely different…

Ah, the joys of crafting.

Um… I’m in the middle of a project that is quite, well-


Overwhelming, to say the least. This is the Watercolours Quilt that I started a year and eight months ago. Seriously- what is taking me so long? Well, it’s getting finished this week. I am hand tying it, which partly explains why it’s taking so long. And also why posting has slowed down. Just in case you can’t tell just how much fabric is in there:


I have a loong ways to go, but I’ve already started picking out fabrics for my next one! Glutton for punishment? Or just plain crazy? No- just finally figuring out the right way to make a quilt (and it’s not been the way I’ve been doing it, silly me. Wish I’d read more books before I’d started this one! Or at least made it smaller…)

Do we have time for a quick list? I think so- here’s what this March has looked like so far:

  • Hiking in Mission Trails Park- beautiful scenery, only a few sunburns.
  • LOTS of handsewing of the quilting and finishing of garments variety.
  • Our lovely pink scheme in the garden is working out just beautifully.
  • Some new veggie recipes- leeks, zucchini, asparagus and champ (love! where has this been all my life?!)
  • A little house shaking up as well- lots of closets turned out and reorganized, piles taken to the thrift store, new shelves built, furniture moved around. It’s been wonderful to get a new energy flow going around here…

Lovely March- Spring came early to our corner of the world. Lots of sunny days, light breezes, and a few rain-and-hail storms thrown in for good measure. I’ll be back next week with more updates from the Workshop!


  1. I know I've got the Spring Cleaning bug. The quilt is quite impressive and I look forward to seeing the final product. Maybe the faeries can pitch in...

  2. The quilt is looking gorgeous. I can't wait to see the final product!