Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Pixie Workshop

It is a cold, wet, rainy, windy morning over here a the Pixie Workshop! We are having a Winter Storm- right smack in the middle of Fall…and it’s a welcome sight. Not much to do but settle in and work on some Winter Tide crafts:

Bags, bags and more bags- it’s all bags, all the time this month. Knitted bags, makeup bags, Pixie Pouches, Dice bags and even a mini-Duffle bag! No pictures yet, most are presents that haven’t been gifted yet, so no peeking!

Paper houses galore! I cut out a bunch of folded paper houses with my handy-dandy Cricut machine yesterday, and have an assembly line set up to finish them today. A little paint, and a LOT of glitter, and they’ll be all ready for Santa’s Sleigh…

Ornaments made from glass bulbs and…wrapping paper? Yep! A few are going out to friends and family this year (okay- a lot are going out! I really liked this one, and they came out beautifully- I’m so proud of these, so everyone I can think of is getting one, as long as my supply holds out!). I’ve been using them as White Elephant gifts this whole season, and they are met with rave reviews! Here’s a tiny peek:

gold veil ornament blog

They were so pretty at this stage I almost kept them all at this point in the process, but they turned out even better! I’ll show you more after the Holiday gifting is done.

So, today’s schedule is full of paint, glitter, glue and cookie dough! Yes, I’m starting my Baker’s Shoppe (it’s the perfect day for it! Soo chilly outside,and wet! Let’s turn the oven up, shall we?) Scottish Shortbread, Christmas Stars, Tea cookies, and a special edition of my favorite Scone recipe are on the list. And maybe even an extra-special batch of Mushroom Cupcakes will make an appearance this weekend… Hey you Faeries, they’re Cupcakes- not Toadstools!

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