Friday, October 26, 2012

But I digress…

I spent the week in blissful contemplation of my nice, tidy clean stack of towels. And the gloriously pale blue October sky.

And I worked my behind off leveling my new Pandaren Monk in WoW- I got to level 30 in only two weeks! (That’s a new record for me- it took me months to get the original Cobbwebb that far.)

Ahem. But I digress.

This week has seen two walks around the lake, one around the Bay (lovely this time of year! All deep blue and glittery white as the evening sun glints off the waves), only one day spent on laundry (yaay! I love when a new routine works the first time out, don’t you?), one horrendously bad idea (NEVER slice Jalapeno’s without wearing gloves- EVER! Peanut butter helps though…) and absolutely no crafting.

It’s the sewing I miss the most…

But I should point out that Christmas is only 2 MONTHS AWAY (insert wild eyed hair pulling here).

And I haven’t started a single project. Not one- am I cured? Will I quietly assemble and hand out a few sedate cookie plates and call it done this year?


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