Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn’s Herald

Would you believe I have no pictures of my knitting? None? I’ll have to give you a picture of a kitty to look at while we chat:

her tea blog 


She is getting ready to play hostess for tomorrows Second Breakfast party…



It is officially knitting weather around these parts- at least in the early morning, when it’s nice and cool. There is a Pixie Pouch that’s been on the needles all summer that I’m finally finishing up, and a new one in black that’s going lickety-split fast since last night. Funny how that works- try a new pattern for the first time and it takes for ever to get done, but do one in straight stitch and it goes together almost faster than I can see!

I made my first table runner yesterday, the easy way- split a length in two and seamed it together to make a really long piece, then just hemmed the edges. This fabric already has a cute little fringe edge along the selvedge, so I just left that to make a ready-made fringe! And the best thing is it’s the perfect width for a little Fall shawl, too!

And lastly- this year has been a hectic one, mostly due to my inability to listen to my own heart. Forcing myself to slow down and get back to my basics has been really hard to implement, but I’m glad I did- this Fall has been a lot more comfortable once I slowed my pace down a bit. Some things I had wanted to do this year just aren’t going to happen- no matter how much I want them to, or how much effort I put into it. Working myself into the ground, and becoming a grumbly bear to my loved ones, isn’t worth it in the end. I’m very grateful for what I have in this life, and I’m a lucky girl for having them. Sometimes its better to say Thank You, and leave the rest to find it’s own way to your door.

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  1. Hooray for kitties and knitting!

    I'm things are getting more comfortable. Hectic busyness can have a place, but it's not at all good to have most of the time.