Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Time Happenings

Well, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. This summer has been hectic- to say the least. But it’s been a good hectic! Birthdays and Gaming and movies and crafting and reading and…oh, just everything! But most of all,

He said Say Tasha!

happy times! ( I know! It’s the first picture of me on this blogspace in 3 years! yikes…)

This week is the first yearly overhaul of the closets in our home. And it’s been great! Why didn’t I think of this before? The hubby has taken on the task of clearing out and reorganizing all the closets, cabinets and storage areas for the first time this summer.  He also carved out a new crafting nook for me in the bedroom, so now I have a place to work when we throw games in the evening. If I’d known how much use that dining table was going to get this year…ah well.

The kitchen is well and truly broken in- it has been a year after all! The Hubbs put the under-counter- cabinets to better use (they are really deep- perfect for storing all the holiday dishes) and I finally moved the appliances around after staring at all the cramped counters for months- it’s funny how I never think to just move whatever’s been bothering me! I put the one’s I use sporadically on top of the refrigerator, and moved the few things I do use all the time into better positions down on the counter tops and voila! Instant new kitchen!

On to the outside closet… It was a mess, all filled up with boxes and bins and my old/new bike parts, toolboxes, recyclables, a fan, the vacuum cleaner- well, it was a mess out there. Its’ also where my BIG bins of wood working supplies are, and I couldn't get to them safely. So after a good three hours of shifting and lots of kitty supervising…it’s a wonderful storage space again! All thanks to my husband, who spent his morning cleaning instead of taking his usual bike ride. He says it was just as much work actually, so he may do it weekly from now on…not!

Today it seems it’s time for the rest of the closets in the house to get their overhaul, and the main craft/dining/entertaining area to get some attention as well, so it would seem this really is the summer of the clean! I have some organizational posts planned for next week- sorry the posts are so few and far between this month. The “book” editing has taken up what little of my time the cleaning has not taken up this month, and the Faeries have finally taken a stand and tied me to a chair, taped a paintbrush in my hand and forced me to do some more work on the Lady Mages’ House. Hooray! Now if they can just wave their little wands and fix the camera!

Until then my friends…

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  1. You look marvelous my dear! So happy to hear that
    you are able to make the place flow and work for you. I am sure Tasha loves exploring the closet work. Love to all !!!