Thursday, April 26, 2012

Early morning spring light

I’ve been taking a study of the light out here in our new home. We’ve just renewed our lease, which means we’re staying another year. Which means we’ve been here a year- where has the time gone?

early morning light blog

All this light has been a revelation for me…I haven’t experienced Spring like this before. The light can be blinding as it crashes through the windows first thing in the morning.

early morning posies blog

The day unfolds with endless possibilities- shall I garden? Or sew? Do housework? Go for a walk? Play with someone who suddenly acts like a kitten again?

spring flowers blog

I brought home flowers for the garden this last time through the nursery (I’ve waited so long to say that!), they love all the spring rain we’ve been getting. It’s hard not to whip the blinds open first thing every morning to get drenched with all that glorious Spring Light and revel in the roses.

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