Monday, February 6, 2012

Starting a new garden

Today I took some cuttings from my herbs to try an experiment. Have you ever kept a flower in water too long and have it sprout roots? I’m trying that, only on purpose- I’d like to see if I can beef up my stock a little, without having to constantly head down to the store! So, today my kitchen window looks like this:


Geranium, Basil, Rosemary, Lemon Balm and Thyme. It’s a little dark, but I wanted to show what I did to that window a few weeks ago. It is a  little too narrow for the big herbs (they are hanging out in the sink getting a drink) and I wanted some kind of a shelf so that I could store things under it while using the top of it for plants. Can you see what I did up there? I just placed an old, narrow shelf we had laying around over two storage cups. Is anybody else over lentils this year? I am tired of them, so they needed a break, hence they are shelf supports this month. Voila! Bigger shelf, more storage, and recycling, to boot!

On to the garden proper. I did some work out there this morning, trimming and watering and shuffling around. I also took lots of pictures. Want to see my calendula seedlings?


They are trying my patience- I planted these last summer! They were getting crowded, so I thinned them out and gave a few of them their own pots:


Talk about recycling- ah well, I’ll give them real pots when they get a little bit bigger. Look how much better they look! Ah, the miracle of life. . .

Maybe now they will grow up and put on some flowers. Calendulas are marigolds- the original ones, not like those French Marigold, scrawny looking things you plant with your tomatoes to deter bugs. These are edible, medicinal, and you can colour cheese with them! I want to make cheese someday. ahem. But not today.

Today we are making more lists! My list for this week has over ten things on it. Ten! Um, there are only 5 days in a workweek. I may have to work some magick just to get everything done this week! Or get the faeries to start helping around here- they still haven’t finished unpacking the Foot & Fang since we moved in. LAST SUMMER. Just sayin. Want to see it?

. . .

Um, hey you faeries really do need to unpack ! lol- it’s here, I just have no pictures of it in the new place. Great, something else I need to add to the list!

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