Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s that time of year again!

Time for roasting marshmallows, setting up workshops, braving hordes of shoppers, making lots of lists, and finding the time for one of these:


Disneyland Roadtrip! We went on Black Friday- ha! Take that, Wall Street!  Not too crowded, way prettier in the wintertime (see above- how do they get those icicles to stay put in the wind?) shorter lines, and just pure fun, fun, fun!

Now it’s time for this Yule elf to set up her supplies and get this workshop running! We’ve got lots to do:

cookies to bake and decorate:


More of this to see- hopefully with some snow out there . . .


Along with a lot of sewing, knitting, painting, sanding (sanding?!) and stuffing, and embroidering, and . . .

well, you’ll see soon enough.

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