Friday, October 28, 2011

Where’d she go?

     Well, that was a quick month,wasn’t it? October just flew by for us-weekly gaming, grading papers, eating at home (finally! I don’t know about you, but this summer it was way too hot to use the kitchen . . . ) roadtrips to the mountains to see the tree's new ball gowns, and rearranging the house 4 (four?) times to try and get some of this done, too:
sewing a really big bookbag:
Decoratin’ fer Halloween:
Makin’ some dollies:
um, did I say some? I meant 4. In one crazy-craftin’ afternoon:
Then, I made some little zipper bags:
but forgot to photograph the finished product. They are soo cute! Then I started knitting. Again:
Phew! I’ve been busy this month, and it’s only gonna get busier around here, what with next month being Thanksgiving, and then it’s Christmas! What? Oh! The Faeries tell me we have the entire month of  November, and four weeks in December, a whole two months! before Santa expects his consignment order to be finished. Um, yeah- but it’s just me and a bunch of Faeries, you guys! Unless you’re hidding a troop of elves in that dollhouse with you, I don’t think- what, you are? Well, don’t just stand there! Get them some hammers, knitting needles and the woodburning kit, ‘cause these toys don’t just make themselves!

Stay tuned to see just what gets cranked out of  Mrs. Santa’s Workshop this year . . .

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