Monday, October 4, 2010

Gossipy witches!

My evil, angry, gossipy witches are telling me that something is coming, something that is on the horizon. And I'd better get crackin' if I want to participate and not just be on the sidelines!

Halloween crafting is in full swing at the Pixie Workshop, and it is filling the house with gossipy witches (love this fabric! It's the Alexander Henry's "The ghastlies" print), black hats - with a twist!, homemade pumpkin puree (it's so easy! why didn't I think of this before? Recipes to come later this week), holiday decorating, and lots of magazines, heehee! There is a new faerie out and about this month, she's an old servant of Dracula's visitng for the season. Pictures forthcoming. And all my artwork is getting dusted off and finding homes on the walls about the house, I'll show you those later, too. Right now I am searching for a certain pumpkin muffin recipe I saw ages ago, but the faeries are holding the computer hostage. It would seem they are frustrated that a certain mansion is sitting on a shelf, collecting dust- hey! It's being decorated for the season NATURALLY. yeah, that's it. I'm waiting for the  spiders, ahem, "contractors", to finish spinning their webs around the upper balcony... maybe they could do the curtains in the study as well?

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