Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Goodness this is easy!

Too easy, methinks. This could get addictive... So, a new blog. What's it about? My world is a never ending round of crafting, cooking, cleaning, and reading. Oh, my yes, the reading. Words are...magic, around here, hence the Blog Title. Anything your heart desires can be found in a book, and so here we are. Dollhouse miniatures, sewing- clothes and books, darling! This book, in particular, has been seeing a lot of action around here lately- Miniatures: How to Make Them, Use Them & Sell Them by Phyllis Meras.

Crafting, Sewing, Housekeeping, Homekeeping, people keeping, cat keeping- you'll see it all here eventually. For now, I want to show you a little something I call the Lady Mages' House. Its one of the dollhouse puzzles I've found at the local craft store.

So far, so good, but needs a little something, no? Stay tuned, craft-believers, there's more to meet the eye in this saga...


  1. You are fabulous :) Keep up the good words!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the next big project. The kenku dicebag is particularly fabulous!